22 Jan 05

Not quite official, but about as close as you can get. We received a verbal agreement from ReMax today. So, barring any hiccups with our loan application it looks like we now own .87 wooded acres in the city. I’m sure the hounds will be pleased. We took them out to the lot a couple days ago, more to get them out of the house than to run a field test. They seemed to enjoy the place and I know they’ll love the extra running space when we can get a fence up. While we were out there our future next door neighbor came sauntering out of his house and all but accused us of trespassing then turned and walked away without saying another word. I think he was taken aback to find out the property was for sale. Still a jerk move regardless.

It snowed boatloads last night. Chest deep on Taylor in about eight hours. The dogs had no complaints though.