27 Jan 05

Even more official than before now. The owners have signed the purchase agreement and I think we’ve secured a loan. I say I think because Mary has been doing all the grunt work with this while I run out of the room every time the phone rings. The agreement contains a number of “subject to” clauses which I believe we’ve slowly been hammering out. I stopped by the Health Department on Monday and payed them $125 to do a vacant land evaluation. This money was promptly returned on Wednesday morning when it turned out city records showed everything we needed to know. I was told we definitely have sewer hookup which is a plus (no septic tank to deal with) and we may have city water access as well. I need to call the city about this to see how much it will cost to run a line. We are approved to dig a well if city water doesn’t work out though. It will probably be a couple weeks still until we close. Until then I have to settle for repeatedly clicking mapquest .