Sat 29 Jan 05

One of those rare sunny winter days around here. I took the dogs over to Indian Trails Golf Course this afternoon and just kind of ambled around, basking in the snow reflections. Taylor’s been a little hobbled the past couple of days, so I think the pace suited her just fine. Trammell seemed annoyed when no one would chase him, but handled this well by destroying every twig or piece of trash he could find. In the course of my wandering (as my stomach digested the half-pound of fries from lunch) I came to the conclusion that I need a diet. Not the lose-weight kind, because that’s not at all an issue, the healthy kind. The kind where you eat more than one fruit/vegetable per week and don’t consume entire bags of chips at a time. I’ve stated this before with conviction, (such as thirty days ago) but have yet to really do something. I just don’t feel the pep that I had just a few years ago in college and I am hereby blaming that at least partially on my poor food discipline. Then again, in college I was also consistently running, lifting weights, and playing a variety of recreational sports. Sigh.

The dog just threw up on the bed and is licking the mess.

Anyway, after mulling this problem over I’ve come to one clear conclusion. Smoothies. Somehow, some way, I’m going to incorporate smoothies into my daily routine. They will be the cornerstone upon which healthy Josh is built. Everything else will fall into place once the smoothie production line is up and running. I’ll start running again. Cross train with basketball and maybe soccer. Lift three times per week. Do my daily pushups and pullups. Hit the rock climbing gym at least once a week. Meet my daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Sleep normal human hours. It will be grand. Smoothies I salute you! So this evening I stopped by Meijer and bought bananas, kiwis, apples, and strawberries to go with the yogurt and orange juice we already have. It was delicious and all on sale. Yup, things are coming together now.