Fri 11 Mar 05

One hundred and seventy six dollars later I’m no longer driving a window-rattler on wheels. After having Tuffy give me my usual free inspection, then quietly laughing at the ridiculous price they quoted me, I called around to a few other places and eventually went with Zandees for the car repair. Partially for the price and partially because it meant only having to walk a quarter mile home after dropping my car off this morning. This turned out to be an important detail because I walked back through a snow storm this evening to reacquire my car.

I stumbled onto this band while listening to the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack (song ten) this afternoon. I don’t know why I dig the retro-synth-space tunes so much. Maybe because it’s impossible to take it too seriously. Music should be fun. I’m now on the lookout for a cheap used copy.