16 Mar 05

I attended a youth church service with some of the kids from work this evening. A couple things creeped me out about this outing. The first was a pair of overly-enthusiastic service leaders who talked too loud and too quickly and kept saying awesome over and over again.

Girl Leader: We’ve got some awesome trips to tell you about!
Guy Leader: So awesome guys! Sweet! I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!

I guess that’s supposed to relate to the MTV watchers. It wasn’t working too well though, as most of the kids took this as a sign not to pay attention and instead wandered around the church or talked to their friends. Kids these days need a serious dose of cynicism if they’re accepting being peddled this baby-talk on a regular basis. The second creepy thing was the parade introductions made to me by various youth leaders. I guess you draw a little attention when you bring a van-full of teenage boys to a church function. “Hi, I want to introduce you Matt. He’s our youth group coordinator” “Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Ryan, one of the youth pastors.” A little too smiley for my taste. There’s also something weird about randomly being introduced to another guy.