11 Apr 05

After ten days spent in a hotel 850 miles from home I’ve returned with a renewed appreciation for my surroundings. I missed my wife and my dogs and lounging around in my house. I missed wasting time on the computer and watching Taylor chase Trammell in the backyard. It was especially tough knowing that Trammell was stuck in a cage with an IV poking into his leg with no one to comfort him. One day last week Mary walked outside and found Trammell laying down behind the garage with glazed eyes. After x-rays at the vet it was determined that he had something obstructing his intenstines (four times their normal size in one spot). So, Trammell spent the next four days alone and starving while the vets waited for him to get better. Eventually, whatever it was passed, but I hardly recognized him when I walked in the door at four am this morning after a fourteen hour drive. His face was so gaunt it looked almost puppyish again. Poor guy.