Wed 27 Apr 05

Well, I stopped by the IRS office yesterday and they really didn’t make a huge deal about me being a year late with my federal tax payment. The guy I talked to even thought I might be able to avoid penalties if I wrote a letter explaining my situation. The interest though is probably unavoidable since technically I did have use of the money for the extra time.

Overheard this conversation while at the barbershop with a kid from work last night…

Barber: Shit, if Maurice Clarett can go in the third round you might as well turn pro right now.
Guy getting ready to leave shop: Just tell coach I’m leaving after spring ball?
Barber: Going pro.

Everyone had a good laugh. Later I figured out that the guy was Kevin Grady when one of the barbers called him Kev and the guy also talked about his Michigan teammates. Despite the humor, the barber might actually make a valid point. Grady is going to make a fantastic counter-punch to Mike Hart in the backfield this year and should make UM’s offense awfully fun to watch. Also should help keep them in contention with Iowa for the Big Ten title.