Mon 27 Jun 05

My Firefox weather plug-in is informing me that it is currently 92 degrees F and hazy. One of those days where all you want to do is lie on your cold basement floor and move as few body parts as possible. Which of course I did after spending an hour and a half playing basketball in an air-conditioned gym and another hour and a half playing soccer on a scorched baseball field. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to be sweat-drenched, Gatorade-commercial-style. As long as you have the cold basement to go back to. Our new lawn seems to be maintaining its greenness in spite of the weather. Check it out.

Helped along of course by copious waterings and a few big shade trees. Speaking of copious watering, I’m convinced Taylor has the wussiest bladder of any ten-month old dog I’ve ever met. I’m at the computer this afternoon with Taylor stretched out on the foof chair behind me and I hear this whooshing sound. I whirl in my chair and look back in time to see her gushing pee all over the place while she calmly lies there with a goofy grin on her face. I don’t think she even knew that she was doing it. Maybe it’s all the toilet water she drinks.