Wed 6 Jul 05

It’s nice to have my house back. And I only had to spend one full day with that goofy dog. Conan is one of those dogs that just seems destined to bumble his way through life. He is completely unaware of the bulk of his own body and consequently sends various limbs (usually the tail) careening into any object he happens to be near. Legs, noisy metal stove, our dogs. He also pants constantly, slips every time he goes up stairs, and barks repeatedly during the night. I know I’m biased, but having Conan around really made me love our dog’s character even more. Exuberant just right.

It’s getting to the point where I probably need to start backing up the old Seagate. Granted, the drive was only purchased a couple years ago and I really haven’t run it too hard during that time, but I just start to get nervous the more I add to my digital music collection. I’m closing in on 25GB at this point with nary a backup disc in sight. The problem comes when my left brain starts complaining that if I backup to now and later acquire more music with titles in the middle of the alphabet then everything is all out of whack. You can’t just pick up the newest Zero 7 and burn it to its own disc next to the m’s and p’s and w’s of the world. Zero 7 belongs smack between Xiu Xiu and the Zutons. It’s a fine line I walk beteween risk and reward. And yes, sometimes I even step over sidewalk cracks.