Tue 19 Jul 05

The past two days I’ve collapsed into a stupor mid-afternoon after getting home from the pool. Yesterday I passed out for an hour and a half in the middle of the livingroom floor while reading a book, arms crossed under my chest. Woke to carpet-imprinted skin and numbness from the shoulders out. Thrashed my limbs about a bit and lurched back into my day. Today I at least managed to make it to a bed. I think the two-job schedule is startng to wear a little thin. This likely will be be the last summer of PFOness whether the pools open next year or not.

I have been making it count though. Really I have. After the discovery during my lifegaurding class that I may actually be a competent swimmer, I’ve been swimming every morning before all the kids show up for swim lessons. I started fairly small, sluggishly grinding through 20 lengths. After a little more practice, I’m finding now that I can’t get enough. I swan 56 lengths this morning before the lifeguards started showing up, then banged out 28 more during open lap swim. It’s probably the most relaxing exercise I’ve ever tried. No joint stress. No environmental intrusion. Just fluid motion and white noise. Breath. Whoosh. Exhale. Whoosh.