Mon 29 Aug 05

Some thoughts that zipped across my mind as we were careening off the road on Friday:

  1. I smell rubber.
  2. The Fight Club scene where Brad Pitt and Edward Norton crash their car on purpose.
  3. And, with that, how in the future I’d probably be glad I had experienced this.
  4. How the car felt like it was floating six inches over the ground.
  5. Anticipating the car flipping sideways and rolling. Glancing at the ceiling, hunching up and bracing for this inevitable crunch.
  6. Anticipating the car impacting something from the back end as it raced backwards. Being acutely aware of how my back felt against the driver’s seat.
  7. Oh, we’re headed for the other side of the highway. We might get seriously hurt.

Number seven I think is the only time I actually started to worry that we might be in real trouble. Up until that point, even while imagining the car flipping upside down, I figured we might be banged up but certainly would be able to walk away from the wreck with everything vital intact. But as you’re rocketing into traffic with low visibility and little time to react those little “semi-truck punching through car” images begin to pop up.