Fri 30 Sep 05

There is a church for sale here in Grand Rapids. This seems an odd thing to me especially given the size of the place and how established it was. Usually if your church has a stately brick building on an acre an a half in the downtown area of a decent sized metropolis you’re doing alright.

I stumbled across this church listing while looking for real estate for my most recent ambition. Surf Shop. Or I suppose it could be any shop. It just would be awfully liberating to have no boss and have complete creative control over something. Mary and I checked out an old costume shop a couple of days ago that was huge (3000 sq ft) but badly in need of updating, that also had living space above it. I’ve already mentally cleared out all the goofy styrofoam heads and monster posters off the wall and replaced them with clean paint and refinished floors.

I know. I know. This is exactly what we did with the Brookview property. Quick impulse buy after getting an idea a few days prior. It certainly would be easier to just lay back a while with fewer bills to worry about. But that of course would be less interesting then, wouldn’t it?