Fri 14 Oct 05

I meant to write about this yesterday, but the crazy guy threw me off. I was pulling out of the driveway yesterday afternoon and checking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn’t running over any little kids and was surprised to see that there actually was a kid coming down the sidewalk. Not really coming down so much I suppose as standing on the sidewalk next door. Just standing. Standing and watching an oak leaf that seemed to be hovering in midair, spinning a little in the breeze. He didn’t touch it. Just cocked his head to the side, walked around it a little, looked up from underneath it. Then walked on.

I can’t explain how happy this made me. I work with kids every day who seem constantly bent on crushing the beauty around them that I forget that that there are “normal” kids out there who, having figured out the riddle of a leaf tethered to spider silk, walk on and leave the magic for the next person. Most of the kids I work with would’ve yanked that bugger down in half a second without a second thought.

Oh yeah, and lest I forget. Tomorrow’s the day. It’s all coming together.