Wed 9 Nov 05

Surf Report # 6

Location: Ferrysburg, MI – North Shore Beach
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:15 pm
Air Temp: 48 F
Water Temp: 52 F
Wind: From W 19-25 mph
Waves: 7-8 feet
Gear: 5/3 wetsuit, 5 mm boots

Big stuff, kind of like the day I went out with Mary except colder and windier. I learned my lesson from last time though and didn’t take the waves too seriously. Just kind of gave up and laughed as I repeatedly got flipped end over end. Awfully fun, watching a wave come towering in over your head, feel yourself getting sucked backwards up the face, then a moment later launching headfirst toward the bottom. Had a couple of really fun, really fast, really long rides, but really didn’t catch much else. Which was okay.

Haven’t been able to find my hood for the past couple of days. So went out with just boots and the wetsuit. Once my face went completely numb and I ran out of snot to drip out of my nose I didn’t even notice the cold though. In hindsight I probably should’ve worn the gloves too (hindsight being the inability to straighten my fingers for fifteen minutes on the ride home).

I think the water could’ve been completely calm and I still would’ve had a great time out today though. One of those days that feels a little magical and a little overwhelming. Where it feels like the sky is so full of color and shadow that it’s just going to overflow straight into your soul. Purple and darkness, than bursts of blue and sunshine. Spread out over surging white and cresting blue/brown. Someday I want to wake up to that expansive view every morning.