Thu 17 Nov 05

Are we crazy? Yes. Yes we are. We have a new addition to the family. A new addition tentatively named Nora. See? See that that upper right picture? Now, of course the next question is, so did you walk into the house one day, see that bottle of Nora Ale and name your dog after it? Of course. And then did you prop your new dog up on the kitchen counter and snap countless pictures just to get a clever shot? Nope. Only three pictures. So there.

Mary and I drove out to Greenville yesterday afternoon to check out some boxer puppies listed in the Press. Which is pretty much a sure-fire guarentee to a new dog purchase. Scooped this little bugger up and drove home in a blizzard. She’s by far the sweetest puppy we’ve ever owed. Trammell so far has been getting along with her quite swimmingly, rolling on his back to play and being super gentle. Taylor hasn’t quite figured out what exactly Nora is yet though. Just bats at her and barks when she doesn’t get the desired response. I can’t get over how little she is.