Wed 1 Mar 06

The dogs are farting up a storm while I sit here at my computer. All three of them. Taking turns letting ’em loose every couple of minutes while they sleep . Really quite potent and awful. Pffff…

Other than that though, I’ve been having a very pleasant day. I’m back on my fruit kick and am trying to stick with a fairly strict smoothie routine in the mornings. One mango, one banana, half a dozen frozen strawberries, few scoops of yogurt, some orange/fruit juice and it’s all good, baby, it’s all good.

I really think it makes a difference in my functioning. I just feel a little sharper, a little more present in my day. Who knows? Maybe it’s all a placebo, but since I’ve been back on my kick I’ve got a little a little extra bounce. Adding the consistency of sprinting around on a basketball court for a couple hours twice a week probably hasn’t hurt either.

Good grief, these dogs reek. Pffff…

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