Sun 21 May 06

Surf Report # 14

Location: Grand Haven, MI – North Pier
Time: 8:00 am – 10:30 am
Air Temp: 46° F
Water Temp: 45° F
Wind: From NNW 16 mph
Waves: 3-6 feet
Gear: 5/3 wetsuit, 5 mm boots, 3 mm gloves, .5 mm hood

Skipped out on a couple of hours of work to sneak this session in. Too nice of a day to pass up. Sunny and plenty of wind. Second time I tried to popup I felt a shooting pain erupt along the top of my hurt foot. Just kind of lay back in the water for a couple of minutes after this, catching my breath. Hobbled around for the next fifteen minutes until the shooting pain just sort of turned into throb. One of those throbs that really hurts if you stop and focus on it, but doesn’t if you’re hootin’ and hollerin’ while crashing through messy surf. Waves were a total mess. Lots of pier bounce. Plenty big though too and if you caught them right they’d send you a ways. For the first time out in months it was definitely a blast.