Thu 15 Jun 06

Well, well, well. We’ve actually had five house showings this week (three today, er yesterday now I suppose) with a mix of reactions running from complete disinterest to complete love. It’s really quite crazy how many things have to come together correctly in order to sell a house, especially in a down market. Money, personal interests, timing. The last couple that came through tonight reportedly were quite pleased, but need a parental co-signer (and thus will probably want mom and dad to wander our house at some point). Parents have a way of pushing the practical over the aesthetic and with an 832 square foot house at the price we’re listing, we’re definitely pushing for the “it’s cute” vote. So anyway, we’ve been here before, whatever happens, happens.

Fixed the broken permalinks problem. Just a matter of WordPress not liking a permalink structure based solely on date tags. I guess it got confused and tried to treat individual posts as some sort of archive file. (I know no one cares about any of this, but I like to be able to reference problems in case they pop up again in the future.)