Mon 14 Aug 06

Getting to that point where we’re starting to say last this and last that. Last Monday in Michigan. Last time putting the recycling bins out on the curb. Last time I buy milk at Meijer. Last time grilling out in the backyard.

Tomorrow is my last day at the pool. It’s been a good run even though this year was a bit of a downer. If I’d quit two years ago (like I said I was going to then) I’d be leaving with a sense of nostalgia, but now I’m just ready to be done with it.

Given our limited cargo space for the trip out, I’ve been packing and repacking boxes (though Mary just thinks I’m making messes), trying to squeeze in as much stuff as possible. Within a day or two here I think we’ll have things organized to our liking.

It’s weird to think that it’s almost time to leave. A week from right now we’ll be somewhere west of the Rockies.

2 thoughts on “Mon 14 Aug 06

  1. Josh Post author

    Yeah, Meijer milk is great, especially the sub $2 sales. I hope they have cows in Oregon. We leave the house Friday morning, spend the day in GR not driving through Chicago day time traffic, then leave at 3 or 4 am Saturday morning.

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