Sat 7 Oct 06

Oregon State University called a couple of days ago wanting to set up an interview for next week for a job I applied for way back at the end of August. Nuts. Now, this is where it gets a little tricky. If I were to get this job, the benefits attached to it might be enticing enough to counteract certain deficiencies of the area right now. I’m vague, it’s great.

By no means is this my dream job, but it’s getting close to that dream job work environment. Not a ton of pressure, great working environment, access to amusing lunch break diversions, cheap tuition benefits ($30/credit up to 12 credits per semester, are you kidding me?), access to athletic facilities, great work schedule.

I expect there would be more qualified candidates applying for this position than the last one I applied for, but, I think I’ve got as good a shot as anyone (other than not being an OSU grad). Whatever. I’m at the point where, really, I just want something settled. The interview is on Monday.