Tue 6 Mar 07

March 6. Twelve degrees and overcast. The hate is growing strong and its purity is unquestionable. My contempt for this city, it’s weather, and its people is reaching epic proportions and it won’t be long before the levee breaks.

This will not be a levee breaking in the sense that the unwitting peasants in the village below are crushed beneath the cavalcade of rushing death-water. But rather, the peasants notice how unfortunate was their choice of living environments and decide to head for higher ground as the old dam creaks and groans. Hopefully.

On my customized Google start page I have a number of weather forecasts for different cities around the US as well as a few live beach cam from places I’ve visited or hope to visit. Those little sunshines and rolling waves taunt me daily. It’s a bit masochistic I know, but it’s important for me to remember what’s out there. Yes, I see you San Luis Obispo, CA, with your perfect weather.

It’s time for some proactivity. No more gloom.

5 thoughts on “Tue 6 Mar 07

  1. Josh Post author

    That’s true. It is a climate that is very much not snowy. It might be tough for the dogs to locate their preferred brand of dog food though.

  2. Dad

    In my experience dogs are not very discriminating – there is probably a lot of their favorite food all over the ground here, especially in some neighborhoods.

  3. Josh Post author

    That’s a good point, but that would make the dog licks to the face in the middle of the night exceedingly unpleasant.

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