Wed 11 Apr 07

Let me preface this by saying that those of you living in a warm weather climates are never allowed to complain about the heat. Ever. I don’t care if it’s 130 degrees with 100 percent humidity. I don’t care if your car tires are melting into the pavement and door handles are too hot to touch. Where gunfire is breaking out on the highways in the heat of road rage and your swimming pools are evaporating into the stratosphere.

Ok. Below are pictures from our backyard from about ten days ago. Yes, the lawn is thoroughly dog-destroyed, but hey, the sun is shining, the grass is growing, dogs are rolling on their backs while they play with the neighbor’s pitbull puppy. Also note the section of back fence being propped up by a table.

Fast forward to today. The picture on the left was taken from our front porch right before I went out to play basketball and on the right you can see a view of the backyard including the section of fence now toppled by thirty mph winds.

What the heck? Mid-April. A month into spring we really should not still be getting four/five inches of accumulating snow. The dogs don’t seem to mind too much though. Here’s another picture from the front porch after I got back from basketball and a few shots of the dogs gallivanting (also a few more on Flickr if you’re interested). Only upside, I guess is that maybe (big maybe) if the winds shift to a NW like they are supposed to later tomorrow and the roads are clear enough, it just might mean a trip out to the big lake tomorrow night after work.

4 thoughts on “Wed 11 Apr 07

  1. Jordan

    I wore shorts and a t-shirt today, working on the desert side. I think I got sun burned. It was only around 60 in Idy though — felt pretty cold when I got back to the office.

    By the way, 130 F with 100% humidity gives a heat index of 501.7°. I think I’d have the right to complain.

  2. Josh Post author

    How is that even possible? 500 degrees? Nope, still no complaints, your weather would still be better than here.

  3. Dad

    It’s been awfully hot here too but now the rains are beginning to cool things off a bit and so we can stop complaining. What is SNOW?

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