Thu 26 Apr 07

A couple of months ago the Meijer close to my job was running a sale on Frosted Mini Wheats at $1.50 a box. For the big 24 oz boxes, not those little pipsqueak ones. Now, I eat a lot of cereal and am pretty cognizant of fluctuating cereal prices, so when I saw this deal, I thought it might be the cereal deal of the year. Usually you’re lucky to get a 16 oz box of generic Cheerios for that price. You know?

So I promptly purchased approximately twenty boxes of Mini Wheats. I mean that’s the thing to do right? That’s some bang for your buck right there. Anyway, I’ve whittled it down to about six boxes, but only with a very concerted cereal-eating regimen over the past week and a half.

These are the things you have to worry about when you plan on moving sans moving van. Trying to get the cupboards all Old Mother Hubbard as much as possible before moving next week (yes I just adjectived OMH… and verbed adjective). Our freezer is down to half a bag of frozen mangos and the fridge is inching toward a condiments-only existence.

Soon I will be eating ranch dressing with a spoon.