Thu 3 May 07

Moving day is nearly upon and there is much yet to be organized/packed. I kind of made a car shape in our living room with the boxes that I’ve packed so far as my best guess effort at what will fit in the Focus on this ride out (I really do trust our current neighbors to happily smash my car windows out should a single box be left out overnight). The dogs are going with Mary when she comes out once a house is purchased (hopefully within four weeks or so), so the more I can fit on this trip the better for her. We’ve already been approved for a workably-sized mortgage from a couple of different lenders and I am in the process of comparing and leveraging these offers. We’ve also briefly been in touch with a realtor in Yakima who has started to point us toward homes and neighborhoods.

All in all this move feels as if it’s progressing appropriately for a move that has been planned in two weeks time.

2 thoughts on “Thu 3 May 07

  1. joz

    He called, and he’s there–gathering first impressions and househunting–just not hooked up to the internet yet, I think.

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