Sat 6 May 07

07:30 Back on the road. I slept about the same as last night. Beginning on my surf board before somehow ending up back in the drivers seat shaking in the cold. 4:30 local time and I have the roads all to my slow-driving self.

09:26 Coming over a pass near Moses Lake, I get my first good view of snowy Cascade peaks.

10:33 Now this is what a rest area should look like. Pictures of Columbia River East of Ellensburg (will be added when I’m able to connect somewhere with my laptop).

10:40 Cross Columbia River.

11:45 I stop at a rest area just outside of Selah, WA. Since it’s about 8:45 AM local time and I don’t want to show up at my destination too early on a Sunday morning so I end up spending about half an hour just relaxing and loosening up while looking out at the Yakima Valley with Mount Adams and Mount Rainier in the distance.

12:30 Yakima! End mileage 64,905.