Sun 20 May 07

We have a tentative closing appointment set for this Friday. It’d be really nice to get in the new house before the long weekend, so hopefully everything is coordinated correctly over the next few days. Mary sent me these pictures of the dogs this afternoon. My kids. See you soon!

5 thoughts on “Sun 20 May 07

  1. Dad

    Just back from a week upcountry so have just now enjoyed your stories and photos, especially your snakes (and Jordan’s).

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, Grand Rapids is great. Actually, most lawns around Yakima are looking fairly lush still. They have irrigation water here that is separate from drinking water. I would presume it’s also markedly cheaper since it’s not potable. I think you pay a flat monthly rate for an unlimited supply, so people just run water constantly. I’ll post pictures one of these days of the irrigation canals that run through some parts of town. Kind of different.

  3. joz

    It’s Friday now. Does it look like the closing will happen? Exciting? Any ETA yet for Mary and your pups? Did your first week of work go okay?

  4. Josh Post author

    The closing did happen and I was able to spend the afternoon today moving boxes and later weed-whacking the overgrown grass in the backyard. Lots of projects to be done. I should have an Internet connection installed by Weds next week, so hopefully more updates to come. Work went fine, though waking up at 5 am was no treat (worked four long and early days in order to get this Friday off).

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