Sat 2 Jun 07

Holy smokes, it’s scorching here. The picture below was taken on our back deck in the shade at about 5:00 this afternoon. Tomorrow I think we’ve got a chance to hit 100 degrees. It still feels better than 85 and muggy in Grand Rapids though.

Ugh, since it’s been far too hot to do anything active outside we’ve been painting like crazy the past couple of days. Mary decided to attack the kitchen, pulling apart and repainting all the cabinetry while I’ve been busy working the roller on the living room, kitchen and one of the bedrooms (the other two bedrooms likely will follow as energy dictates). Everything is coming along nicely, but it’s also involved double digit hours of work.

Meanwhile, I think I really am going to love it in this city. At least for a while if nothing else (ultimately I’d like to be closer to the Pacific, but until then there’s plenty to explore). I can see if you need big city ambiance why you might be frustrated living in a smaller agricultural community (though as 72,000 pop. and 229,000 in the metro it’s no podunkville). And I suppose if you have no other option but to live in the higher crime areas, I can see why you might want to get away. For us though, I think the pace and the size will fit us just fine.

We’ve got all the big chain stores we need. Affordable and pleasant grocery stores. Affordable housing (this is by far the nicest house we’ve lived in at a mortgage we can actually pay). Easy access to mountains, rivers, and green space. The Pacific coast is a weekend trip away. Pleasant climate but with actual seasons (fall colors, snow in the winter). Vibrant Hispanic influence (soccer is everywhere here). No real traffic to speak of (my drive to work is a zippy low-traffic stretch of road past orchards and the Yakima airport, I also drive home to views of Mt Adams and Mt Rainier).

And then there’s always Seattle, two hours away.

I know we won’t be here forever, but so far, no complaints.

3 thoughts on “Sat 2 Jun 07

  1. Jordan

    Well, according to wikipedia, Yakima is known as “The Palm Springs of Washington”. I assume this means that by July you should be hitting an average of 115 F every day.

  2. Josh Post author

    Average July high is 87 degrees. So not too insane. I am told though that every summer there week-long stretches kind of like the heat we’re feeling right now. I would assume (and hope) that this is abnormal for early June though. The forecast for this week has us down to a high of 70 by Weds.

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