Fri 6 Jul 07

It’s been hot the past few days. Not crazy Southwest US hot mind you, but we were hovering right around high temps of 100 degrees. Really, we’ve been coping just fine though. I got out of work on Thursday after sitting in full blast air conditioning all day and almost savored the way the heat swallowed me up as I drove home with the windows down. You know that feeling in the winter when you sit on a forced air heat vent and the hot air billows up inside your shirt? It felt something like that.

We’ve also found that keeping the windows in our house open all night (temps right around 60) and by selectively closing windows and blinds as the day progresses that the house stays relatively cool until early afternoon. By mid to late afternoon it starts to cook a little, but as soon as dusk approaches the winds seem to pick up and the cool returns.

This evening was exceptionally pleasant. I spent much of the day doing yard work (tearing out some of our in-ground sprinkling and starting to prep the area around our oak tree for some landscaping) and took a much needed break in the breeze around 6:30. Mary made Chinese food and we sat on the deck eating this and drinking Hefeweizen. Not too shabby.