7 thoughts on “Sat 25 Aug 07

  1. Josh Post author

    No, nothing too technical. My new ice ax came in handy for glissading and self-arresting a couple of times, but otherwise this was mostly an ambitious hike. If I had brought crampons, they definitely would have been helpful too. I should have some more shots up later today.

  2. Dad

    How were the oxygen levels up there? Any breathing difficulties? I still remember Jordan and the Coca Cola on Kilimanjaro – quite dramatic.

  3. Josh Post author

    I had a really small headache the first day somewhere between 7000ft and 8000ft, but that went away as I kept climbing. I didn’t even notice the altitude the next day, though sleeping a night at 9000ft probably helped too.

  4. Dad

    Jordan should probably tell you about the Coca Cola going down and then coming back up at at 15,000 feet, or was it 17,000.

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