Sat 1 Sep 07

Appalachian State??? Come on… I guess one advantage of living on the West coast is that I have less access to watching Lloyd Carr botch things for Michigan football. Why isn’t Les Miles coaching this team? Or that guy from Boise State? Or Appalachian State’s coach? If Mike Hart weren’t so much fun to watch I’d call it a season at this point.

4 thoughts on “Sat 1 Sep 07

  1. Jordan

    I heard they paid App State $400k to play this “tune-up” game. That sure worked out in their favor…

  2. Josh Post author

    Well, I guess now the best part would be if they run the table, finish 11-1 and throw a monkey wrench in the whole BCS.

  3. Malone

    Steeno and I watched the whole game at a sports bar. Classic Michigan mistakes – having linebackers cover wide receivers when facing the spread offense (remember the first half of Ohio State last year), having incredibly long routes for the receivers when the other team is going to blitz, taking Hart out of the game for a quarter and a half because of a bruised thigh when you can tell he’s fine and wants to play, ten yard cushions and safeties who couldn’t cover me.

    At least Notre Dame looked so awful I don’t know how Michigan could possibly lose to them.

  4. Josh Post author

    I’m sure that sports bar crowd was a chipper bunch. You know, really it just comes down to this: it’s not so much that the lose, it’s the way they lose. Like you said, repeated boring mistakes. At least make the games fun to watch. Take some chances on offense. Your athletes realistically should be better then 95% of the athletes of other programs. Give them a chance to make some plays. Run out a spread offense in practice every once in a while so you defense knows what to do. Recruit some mobility at QB (sure Ryan Mallett, could potentially be great, but you know he’s just going to be running the same plays they’ve run the last ten years). And please, please, please get a coach outside of the Michigan mold for the next go round.

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