Mon 3 Dec 07

Mary at I were at Fred Meyer last night and saw a ping pong table on sale. Now it’s sitting in our cleared-out living room. It’s not the world’s greatest table and there’s a chance that we may end up returning it, but for the moment it’s nice to be able to do something moderately active indoors. Drives Trammell nuts though watching that ball bounce back and forth out of his reach. Also pictured are our dogs snoozing soundly on a mound of covers in the bed.

3 thoughts on “Mon 3 Dec 07

  1. Jordan

    Maybe you should get one of those new Nintendos that require you to flail your arms. Is Fred Meyer related to Fred Meijer?

  2. Josh Post author

    A Fred Meyer looks an awfully lot like a Meijer inside, but, sadly, no relation. I still haven’t found a store yet that beats a real Meijer. I do miss wandering through that store.

    Yeah, the dogs definitely get a little cozier in the winter.

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