Sat 8 Dec 07

Woooo! What an entertaining fight! Mary and I just finished watching Mayweather dispatch Hatton in 10 rounds via a nearly live streaming video on the Internet. I didn’t even know P2PTV existed before poking around on the Internet this evening. We rotated between HBO and a Romanian television channel (that had a little more consistent picture). Beats shelling out fifty bucks for the pay-per-view.

2 thoughts on “Sat 8 Dec 07

  1. Jordan

    I’ve used the TVUPlayer a few times, but all it seemed to consistently have was Fox News and a bunch of Chinese channels. If HBO is out there, I might have to take another look..

  2. Josh Post author

    Well, I know they work better when more people are streaming at the same time (a la Bittorrent), so I think you probably just need to find a popular show (like a big fight). Don’t know if you’d just find regular HBO programming. I’ll probably tune in to some England Premier league soccer games after this.

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