Wed 19 Dec 07

Well it took twenty-one months, but, as promised, I finally got around to typing up my last few pages of notes from my Peru trip with Weaver and Burgers back in March of ’06. It’ll probably make more sense in context of all the other already typed posts, but if you want to just skip ahead to the new ones they are the asterisked entries below.

Day 01
Day 02
Day 03
Day 04
Day 05
Day 06*
Day 07*
Day 08*
Day 09
Day 10

4 thoughts on “Wed 19 Dec 07

  1. Jordan

    About time! Impressive that you still remember that much.

    Oh, and there is no page 10.

  2. Josh Post author

    Not memory, just transcribed from what I had written down in a notebook. Page ten fixed. For some reason it was tagged as “private”.

  3. Mark B

    Nice work! It’s funny all the little things you forget about trips like that. Sometimes when I’m bored at work, I pull up Google Maps and find that pink hotel we stayed in at Copacabana. What a great trip.

  4. Josh Post author

    Yeah, it really was a fun one. I still think the best part may have been the restaurant with pelts on the wall. Every time I travel and keep a journal I’m always happy that I did later.

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