Sun 30 Dec 07

The day started off plenty lazy. After briefly letting the dogs out when they started shuffling around at daybreak, I went back to bed and slept until almost 11. I can’t remember the last time I slept in that late. I’m sure it’s been more than a year since the last time (maybe when I last worked a third shift at St. John’s in ’06). Granted I stayed up pretty late last night, but that was some of the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while.

This has been such a nice break from work the past week and a half. I didn’t burn any vacation days, but had two days off for Christmas, a day and a half for New Year’s and a couple of my normal three-day weekends lumped in there. Even the days I did work everyone else was vacationing, so I basically had the place to myself. No meetings, no surprise work assignments. I guess it’s not over yet, but I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to make it to my next paid holiday in May.

This afternoon was less lazy though. With blue skies and a bunch of college kids on winter break, a Frisbee game was pulled together last minute. It felt good to sprint around again, though I could definitely feel the time off in my lungs. We threw for a while then played 5 on 5 for about an hour, until soaked feet and tired legs wrapped things up.

Pictures: The dogs slept in too this morning. And a shot of Chesterly Park with some hardy Frisbee players here in Yakima this afternoon.

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  1. Josh Post author

    They are really fat. Fat Taylor has been put on a pseudo diet. Nora isn’t nearly as fat, but is definitely filling out these days.

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