Thu 24 Jan 08

Mary scored a pair of free tickets from a friend to the Blue Man Group at the Yakima Sun Dome last night. So we went. And it was amazingly cool. More so than I thought it would be and I had reasonable expectations to begin with. Interactive, bizarre, funny, and frequently mesmerizing. Lots of pvc piping was beat upon, airpoles were flapped around, marshmellows were tossed and caught at crazy distances, paint was splattered, and trippy lighting galore. I took a few pictures, but couldn’t figure out how to adjust the shutter speed on my camera so they’re all good and blurry. I’m sure there are plenty of videos on YouTube though if you want to enjoy more clarity (and sound).

3 thoughts on “Thu 24 Jan 08

  1. Josh Post author

    Not a bad idea. The lineup of bands looks incredible. Joshua Tree would be awfully nice that time of year too, though I imagine it’d be swarming with campers given the festival size.

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