Mon 17 Mar 08

Oh no! What have we started?

So begins the major projects phase of house number two. Quite a few things on the agenda as time allows. This week I’m hoping to tear out the old linoleum in the kitchen in order to start laying tile this weekend or next week (already purchased a couple hundred square feet of porcelain tile from Home Depo). Hopefully the old adhesive isn’t too grumpy. I’m thinking of skipping the backer board since we have a pretty thick subfloor and the extra height of the board would mean having to plain the bottom of the door into the garage. We’ll see on that though. Depends somewhat on how nicely the linoleum comes up. Nothing is ever easy on these projects.

2 thoughts on “Mon 17 Mar 08

  1. Aunt Joyce

    Good luck with that! We have done our share of tiling and it is NEVER easy. Looks might we might be seeing you in May – Mary, too?

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