Tue 19 Aug 08

A few pictures from this weekend. My mom and brother (not pictured) were in town for a long weekend, so we spent a couple days on the Oregon coast (not pictured) and a couple days in Yakima and its surroundings (Mount Rainier pictured). They were the first guests we’ve had in our new house since the big move a year and a half ago and it was nice to have a little more bustle around the house for a change (and someone to play Mario Tennis with). For the first time in our lives we actually own a guest bed and it was nice to have the space to accommodate visitors. If you read this website odds are pretty good that you’re more than welcome to crash at our house for a couple days. Come on by! Only one guest bed though. Jordan had to fight the dogs for the use of the living room sofa. The dogs won. We woke up Sunday morning to find him lying on the floor with a blanket over his head while Taylor curled up in the middle of the couch.