Thu 18 Sep 08

It’s been a hectic week so I haven’t had much time to recap some of the fun that was had over a five-day weekend last weekend. My friend Dan flew into Washington from Arizona and we put around 1000 miles on my car driving into the mountains and down to the Oregon coast during that time. Good stuff. I’ll post something more thorough soon, but in the meantime here’s a picture of the second bear that I’ve seen in the wild. Fearsome:

5 thoughts on “Thu 18 Sep 08

  1. ZDad

    Pretty frightening – your eyesight that is. I can’t see it even with my strongest pair of glasses. How far did it chase you?

  2. Josh Post author

    Thankfully the bear didn’t catch sight of me a mile away and 800 ft up. Or that might have been a harrowing half hour as she closed in with her cubs for the kill. I actually had to borrow a pair of binoculars from a guy to see her ambling up the far slope. She’s the little black dot a few pixels to the left of the red arrow. She looked much more bearlike through the binoculars.

  3. Josh Post author

    Nothing fixed yet, but I couldn’t access (due to a closed bridge) the stretch of road where it died on me last time and ended up driving an extra hour and half out of my way on gentler slopes.

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