6 thoughts on “Tue 4 Nov 08

  1. ZDad

    That’s the right choice. Did you do it in Spanish or English? Over here Kenyans are preparing for a big celebration. I have not seen such interest in an American presidential election before here in Africa.

  2. Josh Post author

    People over here are awfully excited about this one too. English of course; this is America! I can’t remember if voting has always been in two languages or if it’s just because Yakima has such a large Hispanic population.

  3. Russ

    I want you to know that I voted Obama too. Being the first time I voted for a democratic president created a wierd experience for me on election night. Even though the guy I voted for was winning I had this feeling that my team was losing and I was irritated by the excitment of the democrats. Oh well, I guess you can’t change 30 years leaning to the right in one night.

  4. ZDad

    You’re on the right side Russ. Everyone in Africa voted for Obama too. An African wrote in to BBC and suggested that after Obama has been US president for 8 years he can come to Africa and be president of the United States of Africa. The good thing here is that we don’t have term limits. Or if we do they can always be removed.

  5. Josh Post author

    I felt the same way and I have voted democratic without any qualms in the past.

    It was kind of how I felt watching the end of the Texas Tech / Texas football game last week. I was rooting for Texas Tech the whole way and initially it was really fun to watch their offense lambasting Texas. But then in the last few seconds when the screaming Texas Tech fans stormed the field after Crabtree’s touchdown with time still on the clock (and looked poised to idiotically do it again after the extra point) all I wanted in the world was for Texas to take the ensuing kickoff and return it for six right in the face of all the fans lined up at the endzone. There’s something about over-exuberance that just really makes you want to watch the sucker-punch moment. Be happy, but keep your head on straight.

    Obama’s somewhat tempered acceptance speech though was a nice counter balance to all the incoherent crying throngs.

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