Tue 9 Dec 08

Well, it was a heck of a run, but it looks like winter is finally on its way. Yesterday afternoon I was plenty comfortable walking around outside in a t-shirt, but today’s afternoon brought falling ice pellets. And we’ve got light snow in the forecast for the weekend. Bring on Spring!

4 thoughts on “Tue 9 Dec 08

  1. Josh Post author

    True, we’ll have a few spells of 4-5 inches of snow but it’ll melt off in the afternoon sun over a couple of days. Not Michigan-style: snow falling in November eventually melting in April.

  2. ZDad

    I’ve been enjoying the Michigan snow myself. Never have minded a few days of it but I am sure that by the end of January I will be more than happy to be back on the Equator for awhile.

  3. Josh Post author

    Agreed. I don’t mind the snow at all. It’s especially nice here where if you really want to see deep snow you just drive an hour into the mountains. What got to me was the day-after-day of chipping ice off your car in the morning while your fingers freeze knowing you have a week of high temps in the teens and months of gray skies to look forward to. Or this (parked out front of 1046 Hoyt):

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