Sun 8 Feb 09

I sure could use a vacation or at the very least a slow down in the extracurricular activities. I worked fifty hours this week, helped out at the high school wrestling practices for a couple hours each afternoon, and also started coaching “Little Guy Wrestling” on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Looking forward to hitting the reset button some time soon. So that’s my excuse for not posting these pictures from last weekend. More also on the 2009 photos page (including pictures from the hike that Mary and I went on with all the dogs today).

Taylor clawing her way up the SW side of Goose Egg Mtn. Trammell and Taylor a bit unhappily posing in front of a mondo Ponderosa.

Frozen Lake Rimrock. The dogs snorting about on the hardpack.

Taylor pondering the space below. Both dogs on the summit of Goose Egg. You can see how briskly the wind is blowing by the way Taylor’s ears are flapping out like wings.

The view across to Kloochman Rock. Trammell found a reward near the summit.

3 thoughts on “Sun 8 Feb 09

  1. ZDad

    I can relate a bit in a slightly different way – still in the office at 8:30 p.m. after traveling from Soroti to Kampala today, with a meeting along the way in Kumi. This relatively short time back in Uganda in February and half of March is proving to be very packed full. My ‘vacation’ last week was Saturday in the garden, which I hope to do again this week. Next week off to Zanzibar for more meetings. Enjoy your mountaintop experiences with your hounds of winter.

  2. JOZ

    Found you linked to another Washington climber’s blog–seems like you might be finding some soulmates out there–unless everyone’s as independent and impulsive as you are. I’m still struggling with bad eyes–Blepharospasms. Just starting to learn the implications. Stayed home today resting in the dark, and the eyes feel much better. But continuing and keeping up in school will be hard, and everyone would be safer if I had 196 to myself every day. So glad You guys took me to see Ranier last year!

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