Sat 13 June 09

We had a bit of a heat wave there for a couple weeks, but things seem to have returned to normal for the moment. Normal is still plenty warm for the dogs, but if we get out early enough in the day and make a few detours through the park sprinklers they hang in there alright. I’ve started a pretty regular running routine again and have been getting my runs in during the daylight fringes as well. No crazy distances for my battered joints, but a few miles a couple days a week with some speed work during Ultimate Frisbee games on Sunday thrown in for good measure.

2 thoughts on “Sat 13 June 09

  1. jordan

    So that’s where the heat went. I don’t think it’s even hit 70 here for the last two weeks. Still snowing in the Sierras.

  2. Josh Post author

    That sounds wonderful. We were upper 80s (low 90s a couple days) and I don’t think we’ve had a high temp under 82 for at least three weeks.

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