Sun 1 Nov 09

Speaking of road trips, it’s looking like I’ll be attempting this one in a couple weeks.

I have a co-worker who’s moving to Anchorage for a job transfer and he needs someone to tag along and help drive while he hauls a trailer full of stuff into the arctic (via a Toyota 4-Runner with 202k miles on it). I know 2600 miles and 48 hours of driving through absurdly cold and desolate road won’t be 48 hours of pure fun, but really, how many chances in your life do you get to say that you drove to Alaska in winter? Yukon ho!

5 thoughts on “Sun 1 Nov 09

  1. Aunt Joyce

    I mean this in the nicest way possible……. YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!! But have fun..

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, odds are it’ll be kind of terrible, but hopefully I’ll at least come back with a couple blurry pictures of roadside wildlife.

  3. JOZ

    Was transferring to Alaska an option for you? Where else are people from your company heading?

    Enjoy the trip to Alaska–it may be kind of crazy, but it might be an unforgettable adventure. Just promise you’ll come back. Ever since I saw “Into the Wild” I’ve been haunted by thoughts of what might happen if you ever went to Alaska . . .

  4. ZDad

    Alaska – would love to go there myself but probably not in November. But the mosquitoes will all be dead. How many hours of daylight do they get this time of year north of Anchorage? Make sure you have a good heater and a good set of headlights.

  5. Josh Post author

    I could probably transfer up to Anchorage without too much of a wait. From what I’ve heard business is booming there. I don’t think I’ll be in AK long enough to become too attached on this visit. Pretty much drive up and fly back.

    I think Anchorage still has about 8 hours of daylight right now. Yeah, the guy I’m going with was looking into getting an engine block heater for his car so it’ll actually start in the dead of winter. I think further into winter you have to block off your car’s radiator with a board to keep the engine from getting too cold while you drive.

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