Fri 4 Dec 09

Well, it’s been a good run. When I started this site five years ago it was kind of on a whim to play around a little with web design that jived with my aesthetics, organize my photos, and write about nothing. I suppose could’ve had a free Blogspot page and connected it to a free picture-hosting site, but I liked having the total control of my content.

At first I didn’t have much to write about, but over the next couple years it was fun to be able to document trips and the great Oregon adventure. I thought a couple of time about stopping the site, but then Washington came a-calling and the site became a really good way to keep people back home updated on our new west coast life. Out here every weekend seemed to bring something gorgeous to share.

Now that’s all kind of winding down though. And lately I’ve also started to feel a little different about this Internet space. Maybe it’s the whole inane-detail-sharing Facebook movement that got me thinking, “wait, is that what I sound like?” I’m sure an undercurrent of narcissism is pretty normal in any self-story, but I finding just off-putting enough in myself that I wouldn’t mind pulling back for a while.

So, this will probably be the last month of (four more weeks or so). At least for a while. The last three years of playing in the mountains have got me completely hooked, so I’m sure there will continue to be adventures and I’ll probably keep something going offline. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll come on back and backdate some good stories and some better pictures. It’s been fun.

9 thoughts on “Fri 4 Dec 09

  1. Josh Post author

    Yep, I usually do that every couple months. My desktop computer stopped turning on a few months back, so at the moment this site is also my only source of past pictures (though I’m assuming I still have data on the inaccessible desktop hard drives).

  2. JOZ

    It has been a good run, Josh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures with us these past few years–it’s been great. Do make sure you save this all somewhere an somehow, And I hope you keep writing, even if just for yourself. You do it so well!

  3. Russ

    Say it ain’t so. I have enjoyed living vicariously through your life. I have enjoyed the mudane parts of your life (shopping at Meijer) as much as your treks through the wiilderness. How about posting once a week – no pressure – write about anything that gives you a kick in the ass.

    Maybe if we subscribe to your blog (under the table of course) you can choose option one and still make a little dough.

    It has been great being a part of your life these past few years. thanks for the entertainment

  4. Josh Post author

    Thanks for the sentiments. It’s definitely more fun to write when you know people are actually paying a little bit of attention.

  5. JOZ

    I’m guessing you’ve had a lot more readers enjoying the tales of your life than you ever realized. Russ is right–you made the mundane so much fun too in your truly unique, opinionated, observant way. So when will your book come out?

  6. Mark B

    I agree with the above comments. Just because you’ll be living in MI doesn’t mean life comes to an end. There are always amusing little adventures to be had… some sort of Seinfeldesque story to share. If nothing else, we need to see the before, during, and after “fix-up” pics of the new house. That chicken coop in the back yard isn’t going to build itself.

  7. Josh Post author

    There were some goats for sale on craigslist a couple weeks ago. $70! I don’t know anything about goats, but that seems like a good deal. Mary didn’t go for it though. I’m working my way up to a chicken coop.

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