Mon 7 Dec 09

Continued from the last post.

Day 4: Whitehorse to Anchorage. Another early morning, fueling up near Whitehorse. Fas Gas, it rhymes. Also note the gas can strapped to the roof of the car, finally in use after a close call with an empty tank the day before.

Hey, traffic! Weird. Noteworthy as the only car we’d see for the next twenty minutes or so. Mountains ahead. In my head before we left WA this is how I pictured the Alaskan Highway looking. Near Kluane National Park Reserve.

The sun came out. We could actually see pavement. Maybe today will be alright.

The picture below-left was taken about thirty minutes after the one above-right. Gets gray and snowy pretty quickly.

The last gas station in the Yukon. Another Fas Gas, luxuriously outfitted compared to most of the other stations we stopped at. Almost to the Alaskan border. This was where I took over driving for the rest of the day.

And 11 hours later, Anchorage! Survived another blizzard and a 180 across the highway, but how to break into the back of the frozen trailer is another story. I was very happy to check into our well-appointed hotel suite. Day 5: And a picture the following morning of some of the peaks around Anchorage.

2 thoughts on “Mon 7 Dec 09

  1. ZDad

    Great trip but you should head for the tropics next time. You’re always welcome here on the Equator.

  2. Josh Post author

    Oh man, a tropical road trip would be super fun, if nothing else just for the added fun of being able to crank down the windows.

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