Sat 14 Apr 12

I went on a four-hour bike ride through Cowiche Canyon yesterday. Super fun zipping up and down the single track trails. Snapped a few more nerdy plant pictures while out and about. Offloading them here for future reference. I think the Death Camas was kind of a cool find.

Cowiche Canyon uplands single track bike path and view to the south of Yakima:

Cowiche Canyon Cowiche Canyon overlooking Yakima

Artemisia rigida (Stiff sagebrush):

Artemisia rigida (Stiff sagebrush) Artemisia rigida (Stiff sagebrush)

Ribes cereum (Squaw currant):

Ribes cereum (Squaw currant) Ribes cereum (Squaw currant)

Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hooker’s balsamroot):

Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hooker's balsamroot) Balsamorhiza hookeri (Hooker's balsamroot)

Astragalus purshii (Woolly-pod locoweed):

Astragalus purshii (Woolly-pod locoweed) Astragalus purshii (Woolly-pod locoweed)

Zigadenus venenosus (Death camas):

Zigadenus venenosus (Death camas) Zigadenus venenosus (Death camas)

Balsamorhiza sagittata (Arrow-leaf balsamroot):

Balsamorhiza sagittata (Arrow-leaf balsamroot) Balsamorhiza sagittata (Arrow-leaf balsamroot)

Brodiaea howellii (Brodiaea): (left photo)
Allium sp. (Wild onion): (right photo)

Brodiaea howellii (Brodiaea) Allium sp. (Wild onion)

2 thoughts on “Sat 14 Apr 12

  1. Anonymous

    i’m glad to hear you’re giving that bike a workout. Must be a nice change to have time to ride. Your wild flowers are almost all unfamiliar to me. I appreciate your cool photos. They remind me how different from Michigan your surroundings there are.

  2. jordan

    You’ve got a few SoCal plants there too. I haven’t seen Zigadenus in the wild yet, but apparently it’s around here. For some reason I like those z-names (Ziziphus, Zauschneria, Xylorhiza, etc.).

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