Thu 31 May 12

In the past 5 days I completed the backyard retaining wall, rebuilt approximately 80 feet of fencing, set posts for 20 feet of new fencing, played roughly ten hours of Ultimate Frisbee (4 different days), biked about 70 miles, and crashed my bike in the middle of the road (endo-ing over the handlebars and successfully tucking-and-rolling on the pavement to moderate bruising and minimal road-rash). I’m sore everywhere, my hands are raw, and I feel like I can’t consume enough food to keep up with the caloric burn. I sat down at my desk on Tuesday morning after the long weekend to a moment of exhalation, legs quivering lightly, unaccustomed to the state of repose. I can’t remember charging this hard in a long time. Feels good.

3 thoughts on “Thu 31 May 12

  1. JOZ

    Wow, Josh. All that and work too? Glad to hear you survived the bike crash–did your bike survive too? Where all were you biking? Your pace and undertakings remind me of your two-year-old self, racing all over non-stop, into everything, refusing to slow down or rest until you just collapsed into sleep mid-action, then too soon awake and off again. Anyway, glad you’re feeling good about (or in spite of) it all.

  2. Josh Post author

    Yeah, bike survived. The front wheel was spun 360 degrees around, so I was really confused when I picked my bike up off the road and tried to ride it until I noticed all the twisted cables.

    No updated pictures yet. I’ll get some soon. I don’t have a convenient Internet connection at the moment, so getting updates here on this site is kind of a hassle. Once I’m set up up a little better at the new house the update quality should improve.

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