Wed 22 Aug 12

We may be getting a new house here already. I put an offer on a house this morning and it was accepted this evening. I was actually kind of surprised the offer went through so smoothly since it was a bit of a low bid. It was a house I had walked through a couple weeks ago and liked it a lot and then Mary and I walked through it together on Monday.

Google map aerial link

Zillow link with photos

Really nice location in town, convenient to everything, at the end of a cul-de-sac. Fully-fenced 3/4 acre lot (fully fenced, front yard, driveway, everything). The backyard backs up to an irrigation canal and looks out (for now) over a huge open field toward some foothills to the north. A few cherry trees still lingering from a past orchard. Basically just a perfect property for us.

The house itself is old, but in good shape. It kind of reminds me of our place on Hoyt back in Michigan. Built about the same time, coved ceilings, arched doorways. We’ll definitely need to do some updating, but that should be kind of fun with quite a bit of character already built in.

4 thoughts on “Wed 22 Aug 12

  1. ZDad

    Sounds great and looks that way in the photos too. Will you be renting out the land or doing your own farming?

  2. JOZ

    How exciting, Josh and Mary! The place looks wonderful for you (You know how much I like older homes) and to have some land too . . . . So great that Mary could be out there so you guys could look the place over together. Hope everything goes through the way you’d like it to. Has the problem with the sale of your GR house been resolved?

  3. Josh Post author

    Probably the usual small garden at first, but I’m sure we’ll mostly keep it lawn so the dogs can run laps around the house. The property comes with a good share of irrigation water, so we can just slosh water everywhere without paying any extra. It’s just really neat to have a chunk of land and still have super easy access to everything.

    Yeah, the 2nd appraisal came through just fine on the Michigan house, so it looks like everything is going to work out just right on that sale.

  4. jordan

    You sure buy a lot of houses! The setting looks great on that one. Might take a while to mow that lawn though…

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