Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thu 31 May 12

In the past 5 days I completed the backyard retaining wall, rebuilt approximately 80 feet of fencing, set posts for 20 feet of new fencing, played roughly ten hours of Ultimate Frisbee (4 different days), biked about 70 miles, and crashed my bike in the middle of the road (endo-ing over the handlebars and successfully tucking-and-rolling on the pavement to moderate bruising and minimal road-rash). I’m sore everywhere, my hands are raw, and I feel like I can’t consume enough food to keep up with the caloric burn. I sat down at my desk on Tuesday morning after the long weekend to a moment of exhalation, legs quivering lightly, unaccustomed to the state of repose. I can’t remember charging this hard in a long time. Feels good.

Fri 18 May 12

I went hiking on the Umtanum Creek canyon trail a few weeks ago (April 28). This is only about 20 miles from our house, but somehow I never managed to swing by on our last WA adventure. Neat easy (level) hike with archetype shrub-steppe vegetation and some scenic rock cliffs. These photos show the Yakima area about as green as it ever gets. With the last couple weeks of incessant sun, the hills around here are already browning up.

Bridge over the Yakima River Umtanum Creek canyon

Golden currant, Ribes aureum, supposedly makes good jams.

Ribes aureum, Golden Currant Ribes aureum, Golden Currant

I hiked as far as the last photo. Further on, the canyon was closed for raptor nesting season in the cliffs.

Umtanum Creek canyon Umtanum Creek canyon
Umtanum Creek canyon Umtanum Creek canyon

Sun 13 May 12

The new (old) digs. The sale price ended up being $20k less than what we sold if for in ’09, no complaints. I was able to move in last weekend, but since the house was vacant I’ve been puttering around doing yard work a little bit before that. Mostly trying to get grass established prior to any dog paws blasting across the back yard.

It’s pretty empty in the house right now (I’m sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor), but other than that it feels about the same as last time.

Photos taken this morning, front yard and back yard with a new retaining wall I started yesterday:

Front Back

Fri 11 May 12

Went rock climbing near Moon Rocks in the Tieton River canyon for most of the day today. Holy smokes, what a fun day. All sport climbs, mostly 5.9ish. Steep, jumbled basalt with lots of juggy holds. On my first climb of the day I popped up too quickly just starting off the ground and promptly bashed my head into the underside of a rock leaving a gross patch of scalp hair stuck to the rock (found later when someone mistook it for an animal on the rock – hey, what’s that? oh, just part of your head), but somehow no blood. Rest of the day was cherry though.

Photos. Lowering off of the day’s first climb and climbing near the top of the last climb of the day.

Lowering off the Chunk Yard Rock climbing at the Chunk Yard