Thu 17 Jan 13

It’s a full-on weather inversion in central Washington right now. Yakima and most other valleys surrounding the Cascades are socked in with gloomy, cold conditions while the higher elevations are clear-skied and warming up by the hour. The kind of days where you just have to get in the car and enjoy it. It was in the 50s at White Pass today at the same time we had temps in the upper 20s. 8,000 ft elevations are around 50 degrees, 10,000 even are near 40. Unbelievably nice. I’ve been itching all week to get out in the mountains for some hiking or snowshoeing.

Except that our furnace stopped working yesterday, so we’re vetting repairs and potential furnace replacement companies tomorrow. It’s not the worst thing in the world since we were planning on replacing the old-school oil set-up fairly soon anyway. I was just hoping we could wait until nicer weather to deal with the logistics. And I want to be snow-camping right now. Looks like the inversion is hanging around for a bit though so, hopefully Saturday or Sunday will bring some quality outdoor time.